The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

I*E*D expl*osion | Road between Homs and Salmiyah cut due to fight over fuel business in regime-held areas

Homs province: Unidentified people planted an IED on the road leading to the main square of “gathering of convoys of fuel” that belong to “Moaiad Al-Rajoob” who is affiliated to the regime, in Al-Mashrafa City in north eastern Homs countryside amid a state of security tension and cutting of roads leading to the city and the road between Homs and Salmiyah by members of the Military Intelligence Department, where the IED was dismantled and exploded.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the IED was planted to target a fuel convoy of “Moaiad Al-Rajoob” while the convoy was coming from Wady Ebaid Field to the refinery of Homs, where it is believed that the attack took place after “Al-Rajoob” Company managed to obtain a share of transportation of fuel that is owned by Al-Qaterjy Company, especially after “Al-Rajoob” refused to sell cars and tanks that he owns for Al-Qaterjy Company.

The roads were then reopened after the area was cleared.

The Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection issued a decision, on April 15, raising the price of fuel and setting the price of a liter of free diesel at 12,540 liras, the price of 95 octane gasoline at 14,290 liras per liter, and a liter of 90 octane gasoline at 11,500 liras.