The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Daily death toll | Nine persons killed on April 17 across Syria

Further details of fatalities, documented by SOHR, can be summarised as follows:

Two members of General Intelligence Department were killed in attack by unidentified gunmen in Rif Dimashq.

Three regime soldiers were killed under shelling by “Al-Fath Al-Mubin” Operation Room in Lattakia.

A civilian was killed in landmine explosion in regime-held areas in Jabba Village near occupied Syrian Al-Golan.

A civilian in Haresta committed a horrible crime where he killed his wife, her brother, her sister and injured his mother-in-law with gunshots due to family disputes.

A young man of “Al-Khateeb Family” was killed in armed clashes between the latter and “Edris” Family due to an old vendetta between both families in Zakiya Town in Rif Dimashq, where random shooting took place creating a state of panic among civilians, without any interference from the security services to break the clashes.