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Amid ongoing deportation of Syrian refugees from Turkey and Lebanon | Iraq deport Syrians to SDF-controlled areas

The Autonomous Administration dismisses reports on sending deported refugees to regime-controlled areas

Syrian refugees in countries around Syria are subjected to growing racist campaigns, amid deportation of many of them, after having settled their situations in these countries and got job opportunities which enabled them to improve their and their families’ living conditions.


In a SOHR interview, an official in the bureau of migrants and crossings of the Autonomous Administration said that the Iraqi authorities recently started a campaign against Syrian citizens in Iraq, and they were deported to areas controlled by the Autonomous Administration in north-east Syria.


The official said “we secure the arrival of tens of Syrian families and give them a choice between staying in north-east Syria or securing a route to another zone of influence, through crossings separating SDF-controlled areas from regime-controlled areas and areas controlled by Turkish forces and their proxies.


The official dismissed reports circulated by local media outlets about deporting Syrian families from Al-Hasakah and Al-Qamishli, explaining that no new procedures have been adopted against the Syrians who come from different areas throughout Syria to the high-populated region of north-east Syria, because of the availability of job opportunities and basic services and the plenty of humanitarian organisations operating there.


It is worth noting that the Autonomous Administration started, in 2017, to issue migrant cards for Syrians who have been displaced to areas under its control. Those cards enable the newcomers to keep the origin areas where they have been registered in the cards, while families having those cards are treated just like the indigenous inhabitants in these areas.


According to SOHR statistics, nearly four million Syrian people live in north-east Syria region. The region hosts 78 refugee camps; and they are distributed regionally as follows:


  • Al-Hasakah: Six camps.


  • Al-Raqqah: 61 camps, including 58 makeshift camps.


  • Deir Ezzor: Six camps.


  • Aleppo: Five camps in the northern countryside.


In the past period, SDF-held areas have experienced the arrival of many Syrian families, who have been deported from Lebanon and Turkey, while the Autonomous Administration has established camps for civilians who have been displaced from zones of conflict in regime-controlled areas and areas controlled by the “National Army.”


The Information Service in North and East Syria has issued a statement, confirming the arrival of the first group of Syrian citizens having been deported by the Iraqi government under a decision to deport all Syrians who have been left for Iraq.


The statement denied the deportation of any Syrian civilians from areas in north and east Syria, stressing that the reports circulated on social media were completely untrue and came as a part of a systematic campaign for stirring up strife.


The statement also explained that the deportation of Syrians by the Iraqi government would continue in the incoming days, where every deported civilian would be delivered to the zone which they had been displaced from.