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ISIS resurgence | Nearly 25 members of “Liwaa Al-Quds” and regime-backed militiamen killed and wounded in Homs desert

Homs province: SOHR initial reports have confirmed that 16 combatants, including at least nine members of the Russian-backed “Liwaa Al-Quds,” were killed and seven other members of regime forces and their proxy factions were injured in an attack by ISIS cells on a military bus near Al-Taybah village in the eastern countryside of Homs.


According to SOHR statistics, the number of fatalities in military operations in the Syrian desert since early 2024 has increased to 321; and they are as follows:


  • 24 ISIS members were killed by regime forces and their proxy militias.


  • 260 members of regime forces and their proxy militias, including 25 Iranian-backed Syrian militiamen, were killed in 117 operations by ISIS members, including ambushes, armed attacks, and explosions, in west Euphrates region and the deserts of Deir Ezzor, Al-Raqqah, Homs.


  • 37 civilians, including a child and a woman, were killed in attacks by ISIS in the Syrian desert.


Here is a regional distribution of ISIS attacks:


-Deir Ezzor desert: 42 operations left 108 fatalities:


  • 85 combatants, including seven Iranian-backed militiamen.


  • Five ISIS members.


  • 18 civilians, including 17 truffle pickers, among them there was a woman.


-Homs desert: 51 operations left 131 fatalities:


  • 105 combatants, including 12 Iranian-backed militiamen.


  • 16 ISIS members.


  • Ten civilians, including two truffle pickers.


-Al-Raqqah desert: 14 operations left 41 fatalities:


  • 35 combatants, including two Iranian-backed militiamen.


  • Three ISIS members.


  • Three civilian truffle pickers.


-Hama desert: Eight operations left 37 fatality:


  • 30 combatant, including an Iranian-backed militiaman.


  • Seven civilians, including a child.


-Aleppo: Two operations left five combatants, including three Iranian-backed militiamen, dead.