The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Including applying of political settlement and immediate release of detainees | Syria activists and associations launch the “Five principles” charter

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has obtained a copy of the “Five principles” charter which was launched by several Syrian activists and associations inside and outside Syria, commemorating the anniversary of the liberation of Syria on April 17.


The activists launched this charter, believing in the right of Syrians to enjoy decent standards of living, achievement of change and peaceful transition of power in Syria, establishment of state law and ensuring of peaceful and stability.


Here are the five principles mentioned in the charter:


1- Syrians have the right to participate in peaceful protests, weather the current uprising against the Syrian regime which started in Al-Suwaidaa eight months ago or protests against the racist and extremist powers in every zone of influence in Syria.


2- Stressing the national fundamentals, which are manifested in the unity of Syrian territory and national identity and the rejection of all projects seeking to divide Syria.


3- Applying the political settlement, depending on the Resolution No. 2254 issued by UN Security Council in 2015, the Geneva 1 Conventions in 2012 and other relevant resolutions, starting the political transition of power immediately and achieving political change which could probably lead to securing a safe atmosphere for Syrians to assert their national decision, securing a safe return for refugees, establishing state law, drafting the constitution in Syria and defining the incoming political and administrative ruling power elected by only Syrians.


4- The immediate release of detainees and disclosure of the fate of forcibly disappeared individuals, revoking all arbitrary judgments which affected the Syrian society, mainly the judgments issued by the illegal terrorism court, holding accountable all criminals, perpetrators and all those who aided and abetted heinous crimes against Syrian people and achieving transitional justice.


5- The expulsion of all foreign powers and sectarian and extremist militias and ensuring peace and security in all areas across the Syrian geography.


The document was signed by 165 organisations, associations, civil councils, human rights activists, writers, politicians, journalists and activists.