The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Demanding ransom of 10,000D | Kidnapping gang kidnaps Syrian refugee in Lebanon, sends scenes of his brutal torture to his family and threatens to kill him

A kidnapping gang in Lebanon kidnapped a young man from Mahkan town in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, where a videotape showed the young man being brutally electrocuted, while he was tied to a metal bed connected to electricity. The kidnappers initially demanded a financial ransom of 25,000 USD in exchange for his release and then agreed to reduce it to 10,000 USD, setting a deadline of 24 hours to pay the required sum or he will be killed. The family of the kidnapped had also received a videotape showing him being hung upside down while he was being tortured.
According to information, the young man’s family is suffering from harsh living conditions and is unable to pay the requested amount, what threatens the young man’s life. The young man had taken refuge in Lebanon in 2018, and works for one of the companies in Jabal Lebanon Hospital Street area, where he was kidnapped along with four others who were released after paying the financial ransom.
This comes amid the failure of the Lebanese security forces and authorities to put an end to the flagrant abuses and violations that Syrian refugees are exposed to in Lebanon.