The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Seeking to collect ransoms | Turkish-backed factions arrest civilians in Afrin

Aleppo province: Members of “Sultan Murad” faction arrested three civilians in Deir Suran village in Sharra district in Afrin countryside, while attempting to cross the border strip between Syria and Turkey. The three civilians were later released, after having paid ransoms of 20,000 USD, before the faction’s members helped them to cross into Turkish territory for 3,500 USD every person.


On the other hand, members of “Al-Mu’tasim” Division arrested a civilian in his fifties, after having returned to his hometown from Iraq. When the civilian asked the faction to give him back his house, which had been seized by a member of the division, in Al-Ashrafiyah neighbourhood in Afrin city, the faction arrested the man from his relative’s house. The man’s whereabouts remains unknown.


On April 16, SOHR sources reported that members of a patrol of the Civil Police arrested a civilian from Kamrouk Village in Shiran district in Afrin countryside for “dealing with the former Autonomous Administration”, where he was released a few days later after his parents paid 500 USDs as ransoms.