The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Two separate security operations | Asayish Forces arrest two members of ISIS cells in western Deir Ezzor

Deir Ezzor province: Two members of ISIS cells were arrested in two separate security operations carried out by the Rapid Response Forces with the participation of the General Security Forces of the Internal Security Forces (Asayish) in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor. Weapons and ammunitions were found during the security operations.


According to SOHR sources, one of the arrested persons is accused of “collecting zakat for the benefit of ISIS in the region.”


Earlier today, SOHR sources reported that SDF launched a large security campaign, with the participation and support of the “International Coalition” forces, targeting members of “ISIS” cells and their collaborators in the southern neighbourhoods of Al-Hasakah city, and the vicinity of “Al-Sinaah” prison, where about 15 members of “ISIS” were arrested, amid the continuation of the security operation inside the city’s neighbourhoods.