The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Torture victims | Political activist and writer among 16 civilians died under torture in regime prisons and security centres in 2024

Regime security services continue their atrocities and crimes against detainees and forcibly disappeared individuals in regime prisons and security centres, which manifest themselves in the brutal physical and mental torture. However, international organisations and influential powers continue turning a blind-eye to those crimes and have taken no action to rescue the detainees who had been arrested only for opposing the Syrian regime.


Since early 2024, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has documented the death of 16 civilians under torture in regime prisons and security centres, including a political activist, a university student, a writer and an engineer.


We, at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), warn against the repercussions of violating and non-complying with international accords signed by Syria, as well as the ongoing indifference by the warring powers in Syria to the issue of detainees and forcibly disappeared. We also appeal to the international community to seriously intensify its efforts to disclose the fate of the detainees and forcibly disappeared people, and identify and hold the perpetrators accountable


We also call for the inspection of prisons in the entire Syrian geography, especially in regime-held areas, so that the real issue and conditions of detainees are unveiled. Furthermore, the fate of the missing and detainees who have been killed must be disclosed.