The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Sponsored by the Turkish and Iranian and the guarantee of the international envoy, the terms of the agreement about Zabadani and Kafrayya and al-Fou’aa and their surroundings

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was informed that with under the Turkish and Iranian auspices and guaranteed by the United Nations, an agreement had been made between Hezbollah as a party and the fighters of Zabadani and the Islamist Movement of Ahrar al-Sham as the other party in Zabadani, Kafrayya and al-Fou’aa, and according to information obtained by the Observatory Syrian human rights the agreement includes two phases, the first to start immediately after the official announcement of the agreement between both parties, and it involves ceasing-fire in Zabadani, Madaya, Beqin , Sarghaya and in the military positions surrounding them in Rif Dimashq province, Kafrayya, al-Fou’aa, Ta’oum, the city of Idlib, Ma’arrat Mesrin, Ram Hamdan, Zradna, Bennesh, Taftanaz and Shelekh in Idlib Province.

And the ceasefire includes that both parties must-commit to the following:

 A complete cessation all military operations and shooting from inside the ceasefire areas toward the outside, and from the outside toward the inside.

And it is associated with the cessation of warplanes and helicopters, including dropping aid by helicopters.

Stop fortify bunkers and headquarters on the first line of fronts.

It also includes stopping any advancement in the separation areas at each other lines.

And the first phase includes full-get-out for the fighters from the city of Zabadani alongside with those wanting to get out with their families from areas of Zabadani, Beqin, Sarghaya and Madaya, and the only destination for those who are getting out from al-Zabadani areas (whither they are gunmen, wounded or families) is Idlib Province exclusively, and that the Iranian government is to work with the Lebanese government so they get out the families from Zabadani whom displaced to Lebanon and returning them to Syria directly or Turkey, provided that the number is between 40 and 50 families only and that is to be done during the first phase.

The first phase of the agreement also includes that women and those under the age of 18 and the men over the age of 50 from al-Fou’aa and Kafrayya and the wounded that cannot be treated in both towns and they want to get out of both towns they can do so provided that the number of persons whom are leaving does not exceed ten thousand Syrian people.

And the truce also includes stopping the hostile gesture as closing the humanitarian road toward al-Fou’aa and Kafrayya, or closing the roads toward Madaya, Beqin and Sarghaya.

The agreement includes getting the gunmen out of the city of Zabadani with individual light weapon with backpacks and one shoulder bag (does not contain weapons or ammunition), where the individual light weapon includes a gun and one of the following weapons: “rifle of all kinds, snipers all kinds, BKC machinegun, RPG with its grenade unit” provided to destroy the heavy weapons in al-​Zabadani area.

And the agreement would be carried out in the supervision and guarantee of the United Nations.

As each party guarantee the safety and peace while carrying out the agreement within its control areas.

Also a point for the people getting in or out of Idlib at the north of Syria is defined, which is the northern countryside of Hama, and in Zabadani it will be agreed on a point by the officers from both parties.

And the logistical preparation for carrying out the agreement begins during 48 hours from the date of the approving.

The working group includes representatives from the United Nations, Hezbollah or Iran and the fighters, and is considered as a reference to follow up the implementation of the agreement, and to resolve any problems that may arise, and that a representatives of the United Nations and Iran will be in Damascus and will be communicating with the representatives of the fighters.

With the end of the first phase, begin the second phase, which includes the release of 500 detained men and women, and a truce is made for 6 months in the previously mentioned areas, and to discuss the truce details and how to carry it out during the meeting face to face, and it is expected to be announced formally in the coming hours.