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Al-Qunaitrah | Unknown fate pursues sheep herder after being arrested by Israeli force penetrated into Syrian territory

Al-Qunaitrah province: Several days ago, Israeli forces arrested a 17-year-old boy working in sheep herding in Jubata Al-Khashab town in Al-Qunaitrah countryside, near the ceasefire line on the border with the occupied Syrian Golan, where a military force consisting of several Israeli soldiers penetrated into the lands of the town, approximately 700 meters deep, arrested him and took him to the areas of the occupied Syrian Golan, without any intervention by regime forces, despite their presence in the area and the presence of a number of Russian military posts, amid an unknown fate that pursues the detainee, and no information has been received about the reason for his arrest.
It is noted that the area has 14 Russian military observation posts.
On April 29, Five civilians were injured in gunfire by Israel forces, while they were shepherding near the border strip with the occupied Syrian Golan. It is worth noting that the injured civilians hail from Al-Hanout village in the south of Saydah village in Al-Qunaitrah countryside.