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On hardest mercenary journey | Syrians opposed to Russia fight alongside it in Niger

A security source in the “National Army” revealed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that Syrian mercenaries are fighting alongside the Russians (military companies) in Niger, in a mission that is more difficult than the previous mercenary trips that Turkey dragged young men to in Libya and Azerbaijan.
According to the source, mercenary operations are concentrated on the border triangle between Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso, where extremist groups and jihadists are active and is considered one of the most dangerous places in the country.
Turkey grants mercenaries several incentives in terms of monthly salary, on a 6-month contract. In the event of injury, they receive a sum up to 35,000 USD, according to the percentage of disability estimated by a competent medical team, while in the event of losing of his life, the mercenary’s family will receive 60,000 USD.
Turkish intelligence is preparing to send the third batch of Syrian mercenaries to fight in Niger, Africa, after sending 550 members of Al-Sultan Murad faction in two batches in less than a month.
According to Syrian Observatory sources, Turkish intelligence completed a 40-day training course in Turkey camps, from which hundreds of officers graduated, to send some of them to Niger in the next batch, during this week.
On April 20, a batch of fighters from pro-Turkey “National Army” factions departed Syria, yesterday, on a cargo plane set off from a Turkish base, carrying 300 fighters of “Suleiman Shah,” “Al-Hamzah” and “Al-Sultan Murad” factions led by a defected officer from regime forces, who had overseen the fighters during operations in Libya and Azerbaijan.
According to the sources, Turkish intelligence began reducing the monthly salaries allocated to the members, similar to what it did with former members it recruited to fight in Libya, where all the members currently in Niger were given a monthly salary of 40,000 Turkish liras, equivalent to 1,250 USD, noting that the salary agreed upon with Fighters is 1,500 USD.
Two days ago, SOHR sources reported the launch of the second batch of Syrian mercenaries from the Turkish-backed “National Army” factions, whose transfer to Niger was supervised by Turkish intelligence. The second batch, numbering 250 members, set off yesterday towards Turkey, all of them from “Al-Sultan Murad Division” faction. These members are scheduled to remain inside Turkish territory to undergo a moral rehabilitation course and will then be transported via transport plane to Niger, similar to the first batch that left on April 20, bringing the number of mercenaries who have gone so far to 550 members.
According to the sources, some group leaders within the Turkish-backed factions are still inviting young men from within and outside those factions to go fight in Niger and offering monthly salaries of 1,500 USD, in an attempt to exploit the living conditions that residents are suffering from in the northern regions of Syria