The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Deir Ezzor | Russian Reconciliation Centre distributes medical supplies to “tumours centre”

Deir Ezzor province: The Russian Reconciliation Centre distributed medical supplies to the “tumours centre” in the province, including health equipment and medicine, in an attempt to win over the people.

The Russian forces take advantage of the poverty of the civilians in light of the deteriorating economic conditions, to show the humanitarian side of Russia through distributing nutrition and medical supplies.

On April 26, the Russian Reconciliation Centre distributed humanitarian supplies on families affected by the earthquake that took place on February 6, 2023 in Al-Faid Neighbourhood in Jabala City in Syria, and some families in Hamimim and Tawq Al-Matar in Jabala countryside, where the supplies consisted of nearly seven tons of nutrition supplies, clothes and detergents.