The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After beating them and destroying their official papers | Lebanese army forces forcibly deport more than 100 Syrian refugees into Syria

Racist violations against Syrian refugees in Lebanon continue by the Lebanese army forces and some “racists”, as many Syrians continue to be forcibly deported and sent towards regime-held areas, without caring for their fate, where many fear that they will be arrested and tortured by the regime forces and its security services, because many Syrian refugees in Lebanon are opponents of the regime and have preferred to flee to Lebanon seeking a safe haven.
SOHR sources reported that two days ago, Lebanese army forces raided a camp housing Syrian refugees in Bar Elias town in Lebanon, beating and insulting more than 100 Syrian refugees, in addition to breaking their identity cards, destroying their official identification papers and insulting them, before they were taken in special vehicles by the Lebanese Army forces and forcibly deported into Syria.
According to the sources, the forcibly deported people arrived inside Syria at night, and after their arrival, some of them were smuggled back to Lebanese territory, and they were a small group of those over the age of 50 after paying sums of money, while the largest number remained inside Syrian territory amid fear for their fate.
Many distress calls have reached the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights from Syrian refugees in Lebanon, calling for the intervention of the international community and effective organizations in order to end their suffering inside Lebanese territory, at a time when they strongly refuse to return to their homeland for fear of falling into the grip of the regime’s security services because Many of them are opponents of the regime and their inevitable fate is either arrest, torture or death if they return.