The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Demanding toppling of regime | Peaceful movement continue in Al-Suwaidaa

Al-Suwaidaa province: Dozens of Al-Suwaidaa city gathered in Al-Karamah Square in the centre of the city, demanding freedom, the toppling of the head of the regime, the political transition of power, the implementation of UN Resolution 2254 and the release of detainees, lifting placards with slogans that read: “Secularism is the neutralization of the religion and the state from each other”, and other slogans.
Yesterday, SOHR reported that Social media activists have launched a call for staging a demonstration to express rejection of the announcement of the date of the incoming People’s Assembly elections.
Accordingly, several residents from Al-Suwaidaa city gathered today in front of the bureau of the members of the People’s Assembly and stuck a placard with a slogan written on it which reads “oh, the heedless’ assembly, wake up, Syria has been destroyed.”
It is worth noting that those decisions coincide with growing public discontent against the recent disastrous situations in Syria in light of the continuity of peaceful protests calling for political change and implementation of Resolution No. 2254.