The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ongoing siege | Al-Rukban camp run out of infant formula, medicines and essential supplies

The living conditions In Al-Rukban camp are deteriorating further due to the negligence of the international community and the Jordanian authorities, and their failure to respond to the residents’ appeals, following the siege imposed by regime forces and Iranian-backed militias on the inhabitants of Al-Rukban camp within the 55-kilometer de-confliction zone at the Syria-Jordan-Iraq border triangle.
The residents of the camp are suffering from the lack of essential items such as infant formula, diabetes and blood pressure medications, as well as a shortage of sugar, oil and cleaning supplies, which negatively affects the humanitarian situation in the camp. Meanwhile the relevant authorities do not take any action to intervene and lift the siege before a humanitarian disaster occurs.

Residents of the camp are renewing their calls for help to lift the suffocating siege and allow the entry of medicines to treat the diseases prevalent in the camp.
It is worth noting that there is a single medical center, “Sham Medical Center” within Al-Rukban camp, where this center suffers from the lack of medicines and medical supplies and is unable to handle many illnesses.