The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Escape of prisoners | Fire erupts and disobedience takes place in a prison in Manbij

Fire broke out in “Al-Zira’a Prison” in Manbij City that holds prisoners accused of “drug dealing and abusing”, coinciding with disobedience where several prisoners managed to escape the prison, while the security forces imposed a cordon around the site and deployed checkpoints with the arrival of ambulance teams to the site.

Manbij City and its vicinity witnessed security mobilization of the Internal Security Forces “Al-Asayesh” and military forces in search of a member of ISIS.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the member was arrested in Al-Matahen Prison in Manbij City and fled the prison in an unknown way.

Members of the security forces and the Military Police mobilized in the vicinity of the prison to search the houses near Al-Matahen Prison and showed his picture to civilians to identify him.

On Late March, SOHR sources reported that prisoners in “Al-Ahdath” prison carried out disobedience, where Two prisoners were killed and ten others were injured as the security forces in the “Narcotics” prison ended the disobedience of the prisoners who tried to dismantle the doors and windows to flee and refused to enter their cells.