The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Two separate incidents | Two civilians kil*led in Daraa countryside

Daraa province: A young man was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in front of his house in Tafs City in western Daraa countryside.

On the same context, a young man died in Bosra Al-Sham Hospital affected by the wounds he sustained after being shot by unidentified gunmen in front of his house in Al-Hirak City eastern of Daraa.

It is worth noting that the young man has carried a reconciliation card since 2018, where he worked for factions opposing the regime formerly.

Since early 2024, SOHR activists have documented 120 incidents of security disorder in Daraa province, which left 162 people dead; and they are as follows:

46 civilians, including three women and 15 children.

42 regime soldiers, members and collaborators with regime security services.

Eight men accused of “involving in drug business.”

Five members of the Russian-backed 8th Brigade.

13 ISIS members, including a commander.

42 members of local factions.

A regime dissident colonel.

Four collaborators with the Lebanese Hezbollah.

One unidentified person.