The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In a fight | Person kil*led by another in Al-Mayadeen City in Deir Ezzor

Deir Ezzor province: A person from Al-Qoriya Town was killed by another person during a fight between a group of people in Al-Mayadeen City eastern of Deir Ezzor within areas of the regime and Iranian militias.

The Syrian Observatory has documented 126 murders in regime-controlled areas since the bingeing of 2024, where domestic violence and armed robberies were behind some of these murders, while motives behind the others remained unknown. These murder crimes left 137 fatalities, including 21 women, 109 men and seven children. The fatalities are distributed regionally as follows:
Daraa: 37 murder crimes left 31 men, including eight women and three children dead.
Al-Suwaydaa: 11 murder crimes left nine men, a woman and a child dead
Rif Dimashq: 28 murder crimes left 24 men, seven women and two children dead.
Homs: 14 murder crimes left 13 civilians and one girl dead.
Hama: Seven murder crimes left seven civilians dead.
Al-Hasakah: Two murder crimes left two civilians dead.
Deir Ezzor: Eight murder crimes left seven men and a woman dead.
Damascus: Five murder crimes left two women and three men dead.
Lattakia: Four murder crimes left four men and a woman dead.
Tartous: Six murder crimes left six men dead.
Al-Qunaitrah: One murder crime left a man dead.
Aleppo: Three murder crimes left two men and one woman dead