The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Arbitrarily | Security services of the regime arrest a woman after she visited her father in Adra Prison

Daraa province: Security services arbitrarily arrested a woman from Al-Hirak City eastern of Daraa with no information regarding the charges pressed against her, after she visited her father in Adra Prison in the eastern outskirts of Ghouta Damascus, and her fate remains unknown.

Regime forces continue detaining thousands of people in prisons and security branches throughout regime-controlled areas, some of home have been detained for over ten years.

It is worth noting that detainees in regime prisons and security centres, both civilians and combatants, endure brutal torture and humiliation.

On May 20, members of a patrol of the regime forces arbitrarily arrested a civilian after storming his house in Madaya Town in Rif Dimashq and took him to a security branch, while his fate remains unknown.