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Due to the siege | Members of local council in Al-Rukban announce its dissolution

Members of the local council in Al-Rukban Camp decided the dissolution of the council completely.

Moreover, they announced the formation of the political council in the Syrian Desert.

According to a statement that was issued today “Based on the requirements of the public in the 55th kilometre de-escalation area and Al-Rukban camp, and coinciding with the recent developments in the region, at the beginning of which was the imposition of siege on the camp’s residents, and the failure of the United Nations, the international community, and humanitarian organizations to respond to the demands of the people of the camp, and because of Local and regional political differences that exacerbated living conditions in the region,” according to the statement.

Yesterday, the leader of Al-Azm Al-Solb Operation in the International Coalition visited Al-Tanf base then visited Al-Rukban camp and met with a number of people and the local council of Al-Rukban camp within the Sham Medical Clinic, and listened to the people who spoke about their suffering in Al-Rukban camp and demanded urgent solutions in light of the siege that has been in place since 45 days.