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No official confirmation issued | Cellular networks in Syria unblock uncustomed phone devices

The two cellular networks in Syria, MTN and Syriatel, have unblocked the uncustomed phone devices, where customers do not need to visit service centres deployed throughout Syrian provinces.


The customers of the two networks have welcomed this step, especially since they have fed up with the high fees set by the Syrian telecommunication directorate.


Although the Syrian telecommunication company have issued no official decisions confirming or denying this step, work of the most of phones has been resumed on the cellular service provider in Syria. Meanwhile, residents have been concerned that this procedure may have been a network failure, which enabled them to access to the local networks.


It is worth noting that the Syrian telecommunication directorate impose strict measures on the owners of uncustomed mobile phone devices, and it force the owners to pay extra sums of money reaching a half of the device’s value in return for licensing their devices.