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“Euphrates Shield” area | Lawyers stage sit-in protest in Al-Bab city, calling for trying leader of “Al-Hamza” Division and judicial independence

Aleppo province: Tens of residents, including lawyers staged a sit-in protest in Al-Bab city, condemning the decision issued recently by the “Interim Government” to deactivate bar association branches.


The protestors called for the independence of the judiciary and the free bar association and expressed their rejection of the interference of the “Interim Government” or any other bodies in the affairs of the judicial institutions and the free bar association in Afrin.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that the military court in Al-Ra’aei town within the “Euphrates Shield” area issued a death sentence by hanging (subject to appeal) against three individuals in the case of the assassination of the media activist Abu Ghanoum and his pregnant wife in 2022 in Al-Bab city in eastern Aleppo countryside.


The sentenced individuals are: two people from Deir Ezzor city, one of whom is a commander in Al-Hamzah Division,” and the third is from Homs city, who is a member of the “Al-Hamzah Division.” A fourth person was sentenced to three months in prison for covering up the murderers.


The residents accuse “Hani Yaqoub Al-Ghazzawi” of killing  Abu Ghanoum and his wife and “Sayeif Abu Bakr” the commander of Al-Hamzah Division of ordering the murderer to assassinate “Ghanoum”, where both remain at large enjoying “freedom.”


Meanwhile, activists have called for staging a protest today at 3:00 PM at “Abu Ghanoum” roundabout, to express their refuse of the court’s decision, where they demanded hold the real criminals accountable, mainly the person who ordered to assassinate the victim and his wife, referring to “Sayeif Abu Bakr” the commander of Al-Hamzah Division.


On October 10, 2022, SOHR sources reported that military police in Al-Bab in eastern Aleppo countryside arrested the suspect in the murder of media activist Mohamed Abdullatif, aka”Abu Ghanum,” and his wife last Friday, after chasing the suspect in the streets of Al-Bab city in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.


According to Syrian Observatory activists, the military police managed to arrest the suspect in the assassination of the journalist “Abu Ghanum” and his wife, and arrested his escort also.


The two arrested men are displaced from Deir Ezzor and operating under the banner of “Al-Hamza Division” faction led by “Abu Sultan Al-Dairi,” who was an ex-ISIS member.


Following a tracking and manhunt in the alleys and streets of Al-Bab city, an exchange of fire took place between the Military Police and the two men, leaving one of the murder suspect dead and leading to the arrest of the other. The arrested man has been transferred to Al-Bab Al-Jadid hospital.