The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Violent pushbacks | Turkish border guards shoot civilian dead, while attempting to cross Al-Sajour river in Aleppo countryside

Aleppo province: A civilian in his forties was killed with a gunshot in his head fired by Turkish border guards (Jandarma), while attempting to cross Al-Sajour river which separate Jarabulus from Manbij.


On May 8, SOHR sources reported that three civilians were severely injured after being shot by the Turkish Jandarma, while sneaking into Turkish territory via smuggling from Kouran Village in eastern Ain Al-Arab (Kobani) countryside, and they were taken to a hospital to receive proper medication.


Accordingly, the number of civilians killed by Turkish border guards (Jandarma) since early 2024 in different areas near the Syria-Turkey border has increased to six. In addition, six civilians, including a little girl, were injured in gunfire by Turkish Jandarma in the same period. The fatalities are distributed regionally as follows:


  • Areas controlled by Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham and opposition factions: Four civilians, including a child.


  • Areas controlled by “Peace Spring” operations room: One civilian.


  • Areas controlled by “Manbij Military Council Forces”: One civilian.