The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Military escalation | Turkish forces fire tens of shells on residential areas in Manbij

Aleppo province: Different populated areas in Al-Sajour area in the eastern countryside of Aleppo came under heavy artillery fire, with tens of shells, by Turkish forces since morning. Also, shells hit positions in Tukhar and Jaat  villages and Jabal Al-Sayyad in Manbij countryside.


Moreover, Turkish forces and their proxy factions fired artillery shells on frontlines with “Manbij Military Council,” but no further details have been reported yet about the number of casualties and material damage caused by the recent attack.


On May 21, SOHR sources reported that fire broke out in agricultural fields due to clashes at the frontlines between Manbij Military Council and Turkish forces in “Euphrates Shield” area. Crops were burnt in Al-Dindaniya Village in Manbij countryside eastern of Aleppo, after Turkish forces fired artillery shells on positions in the village.