The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Be proud. You are a free Syrian” | Hundreds of residents stage demonstration in Al-Suwaidaa city centre

Al-Suwiadaa province: Hundreds of residents from towns and villages around Al-Suwiadaa city gathered today in Al-Karamah square in Al-Suwaidaa city centre to participate in today’s mass demonstration, confirming the continuity of the peaceful uprising against the Syrian regime and its government.


The protestors renewed their demands to topple Bashar Al-Assad and apply a peaceful transition of power, where they chanted several slogans, such as “be proud. You are a free Syria,” and they lifted placards with anti-regime slogans written on them.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that dozens of civilians participated in a new popular demonstration in Al-Karamah Square in centre of Al-Suwaidaa city, confirming the continuation of the popular movement of the people of Al-Suwaidaa in the face of the regime. The demonstrators renewed their demands for the toppling of the regime, peaceful change, the implementation of International Resolution 2254, the political transition of power and the release of detainees. The demonstrators lifted Banners with many anti-regime phrases written on them.