The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Despite heavy security deployment of HTS | Mass demonstrations staged in several cities and towns within HTS-held area

Dozens of people from several cities and towns within HTS-held area went out in protests demanding the overthrow of “Al-Julani” and condemning the practices of HTS and its security services, despite the strict security grip and the deployment of many military checkpoints since the early hours of the morning to prevent the protests from participating in mass demonstrations.


In this context, mass demonstrations took place in Idlib city and the towns of Armanaz, Hazano, Kafr Takharim, Bansh, Atamah camps and Deir Hassan in northern Idlib countryside and Ariha town in southern Idlib countryside, in addition to Darat Izza and Atarib cities in western Aleppo countryside.


Earlier today, SOHR sources reported that areas in Idlib city and countryside, which are controlled by Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham, have experienced broad deployment of HTS members and patrols since early morning, especially at the entrance of Idlib city and the entrances of towns and cities in the region, as well as establishing many military checkpoints.


These procedures come as a part of efforts by HTS to prevent residents from staging new mass demonstrations against HTS and its leader, “Al-Julani,” which are expected to be staged today after Friday prayer, where HTS intends to block roads to prevent the protestors from reaching Idlib city centre and towns around the city to participate in these demonstrations.