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Ongoing uprising | Protesters in Idlib renew demands to overthrow “Al-Golany”

Protests erupted against “Al-Golany” including dozens of civilians in Armanaz and Kafr Lucien Camps in Idlib countryside, and renewed demands to release the civilians and overthrow “Al-Golany.”

Earlier today, activists called for protests in north western of Syria against HTS and its leader “Al-Golany”, after a series of arrests against the protesters in Jisr Al-Shughour aimed to stop the movement.

Moreover, they called members of HTS to stand with the protesters and to not aim their guns at the protesters or arrest them.

The activists accused “Al-Golany” of “aiming to stop the revolution and carry out international agreements”, where Al-Golany forces members of HTS to carry out international agreements, steal money from crossings and impose taxes and royalties on civilians under the pretext of “preparing for the battle of liberation.”

Members of the General Security Service stormed several houses in Jisr Al-Shughour City and arrested three civilians for “participating in protests against HTS” after sieging their houses, and took them to a security centre.

The Minister of Interior of the “Salvation Government” announced that the arrested people, who participated in the protests, would be referred to the judiciary.

On May 24, the General Security Service of HTS arrested an activist in Idlib City, while members also arrested an activist and an artist in the city for “participating in public protests against Al-Golany”, where the number of people arrested in Idlib and its countryside today has risen to four.

Members of the General Security Service of HTS arrested a civilian for “inciting protests demanding the toppling of Al-Julani” the commander of HTS in Al-Fu’ah town in Idlib countryside.
Meanwhile, members of the General Security Service of HTS arrested another civilian accused of “being one of the organaser of the protests in Bansh town in northern Idlib countryside.