The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Idlib | HTS General Security Service arrests two activists and member of People’s Assembly within areas under its control

Idlib province: The General Security Service of HTS arrested a member of the People’s Assembly, while he was trying to enter the regions of northern Syria coming from the regime’s areas, where he was taken to one of HTS security centres.
Moreover, the General Security Service of HTS arrested an activist, who hails from Killi town in Idlib countryside. According to SOHR activists, the detainee was active in the demonstrations against the regime since the beginning of the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, and also participated in the demonstrations against Abu Muhammad “Al-Jolani”. As a result, he was subjected to threats and harassment by “HTS” security forces. During his arrest, he was assaulted in front of his family members, and was taken to the security branches of “HTS”.
Another activist, a member of Al-Karamah Initiative, was arrested by the Public Security Service, after calling for an open sit-in in front of police stations in the centre of Idlib city.
On May 25, SOHR reported that members of the General Security Services stormed several houses in Jisr Al-Shughour City and arrested three civilians for “participating in protests against HTS” after they sieged their houses, where they took them to a security centre, amid security mobilization for members of HTS.