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With tribal sponsorship | Al-Hawl camp administration prepares to remove 89 families from Deir Ezzor

Al-Hasakah provincee: The administration of Al-Hawl camp, north of Al-Hasakah, has prepared a list of about 89 families, from Deir Ezzor province, sponsored by notables of the region, where they are planned to leave soon.
On May 9, the administration of Al-Hawl Camp informed 50 families from Deir Ezzor to prepare to leave the camp towards eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, under responsibility of dignitaries of the tribes, where the date of the departure is set on May 18.

69 families, including 254 members, left Al-Hawl camp to Deir Ezzor countryside, under the sponsorship of tribal sheikhs and notables in the region, and in coordination of the Autonomous Administration with the actors.