The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Security mobilization | Members of Turkish-backed factions ra*pe a girl in “Peace Spring” area

Al-Hasakah province: Four members of the 20th Division, which is a formation of the Turkish-backed “National Army”, raped a girl of “Al-Jubour” Tribe after detaining her while she attempted to cross to Turkey from Ras Al-Ain countryside within “Peace Spring” area from areas of the “Autonomous Administration” via smugglers of the same division, where the girl was absent for two consecutive days before a member of the division managed to smuggle the girl and took her to an area near Al-Mabrouka Town.

On the same context, “Al-Jubour” Tribe gathered its forces and demanded the division to hand over the members or else they would attack headquarters and checkpoints, where dignitaries of tribes interfered and vowed to hand over the members to the tribe during the following 24 hours.

On February 22, pro-Turkey factions continue their violations against civilians in Ras Al-Ain city and its surroundings within “Peace Spring” area, in light of the absence of a legal and moral deterrent.
These violations include the arbitrary arrests to collect ransoms, seizing the properties and homes of the residents, imposing levies or depriving civilians of bread.
In this context, SOHR sources reported that members of “Al-Rahman Corps” seized 120 houses in Ras Al-Ain city and countryside to settle 50 families of armed faction members.
Those families are recently brought from the Afrin area to Ras Al-Ain in northwest of Al-Hasakah, where also a 50-dunam land was also seized by members of the Corps in Al-Rewayah village.