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Growing anger | Farmers demonstrate in Al-Hasakah countryside for second consecutive day, opposing low wheat prices set by Autonomous Administration

Al-Hasakah province: A state of public discontent is growing in areas under the control of the Autonomous Administration in north and east Syria, where residents have expressed their rejection of the latest decision issued by the Autonomous Administration setting the price of purchasing wheat from farmers at 31 cents per a kilogram.


In this context, tens of farmers continued their sit-in protest in Al-Darbasiyah city’s market in the northern countryside of Al-Hasakah for the second consecutive day, where they left placards with slogans written on them, expressing their rejection of the new pricing and calling for revoking the decision.


On the other hand, angry residents have staged a protest in Al-Qamishli and Amuda cities, denouncing the decision and describing it as “unjust to farmers, stressing that the price set by the Autonomous Administration does not cover the cost of the planting season.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that military and security members insulted and beat two journalists, while they were covering the protests in front of the Executive Council in Al-Raqqa, where they arrested one of the journalists before releasing him after forcing him to delete all the interviews with farmers and the videos on his cellular phone. Moreover, they forcefully prevented all media activists from covering the protests.


The members arrested two civilians following the protests that erupted against the prices of wheat, and took them to a security branch.