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Escalating security chaos | Gunmen kidnap director of petroleum company in Al-Suwaidaa

Al-Suwaidaa province: A group of gunmen stormed the petroleum company in Al-Suwaidaa city and assaulted several employees, before they kidnapped the company’s director from his office. The whereabouts and fate of the kidnapped man remains unknown.


According to SOHR sources, the director of the petroleum company was kidnapped for non-compliance with the orders of the group which is known for monopolizing fuels in Al-Suwaidaa.


This comes as a part of the escalating security chaos in regime-controlled areas.


On May 26, SOHR sources reported that unidentified gunmen kidnapped a lawyer from in front of his office near Al-Sho’ola Square in Al-Suwaydaa City and took him to an unknown destination, with no information regarding his fate.