The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Unexpected development | Ankara gives up Syrian mercenaries and their leaders in Niger for the benefit of Russia

Reliable SOHR sources have reported that Turkish authorities have transported members of the “National Army,” including top commanders, from Turkish barracks in Africa to Russian military barracks and disclaimed responsibility for those members and commanders.


According to SOHR sources, the Syrian mercenaries in Niger see this action by Turkish authorities as a “powerful blow.”


Meanwhile, a state of anger is growing among the Syrian mercenaries in Niger, as they have found themselves under the command of Russian forces, after having been smacked by Turkish authorities which have given up them and tampered with the terms of contracts signed by the mercenaries regarding protecting Turkey’s interests only.


SOHR sources have also reported that Russian forces have thrown some groups of Syrian mercenaries to military battles with ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Burkina Faso and Niger.


Those groups have held Turkish authorities responsible for bringing them back to Syrian territory, after having breached the terms of the 6-month contracts.


Moreover, commanders have send text messages to mercenaries in Syria, who have signed contracts with Turkish authorities but they have not been sent to Niger yet, advising them to refuse to be moved to Africa which has become a “prison” for fighters.


SOHR sources reported earlier that 1,100 Syrian fighters were sent to Nigeer, after Turkey having persuaded them that their mission would be confined to guarding oil institutions, military bases and mines. However, Ankara has engaged Syrian mercenaries into violent battles near the most dangerous conflict zone in Africa, the border triangle between Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso.


The Syrian Observatory has been all along warning against the unpleasant repercussions of turning Syrians into mercenaries by Ankara and Moscow and called for not engaging Syrians into battles they have nothing to do with, which leads to destabilising Syria and threatens the future of its people.