The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Under influence of “drugs” | Young man mur*ders his sister western of Al-Raqqa City

Al-Raqqa province: A young man murdered his sister under the influence of drugs, in Al-Sabahiya area western of Al-Raqqa, where he buried her before he was arrested by members of “crime combat” in the Internal Security Forces “Al-Asayesh.”

It is worth noting that the young man has bad reputation and abuses drugs.

The Syrian Observatory has documented 51 murder crimes in SDF-controlled areas since early 2024, where domestic violence and armed robbery were behind some of these murders, while motivations behind the others remained unknown. These murders left 55 civilian fatalities, including 40 men, six children and nine women; they are distributed regionally as follows:

Al-Hasakah: 18 civilians, including two children and three women.

Deir Ezzor: 18 civilians, including a child and three women.

Al-Raqqah: 15 civilians, including three children and three women.

Aleppo: Four men; three men in Manbij and a man in Ain Al-Arab (Kobani).