The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

De*ath toll update | Four members of “National Defence” including leader kil*led in attack by Turkish drone

Al-Hasakah province: A member of the “National Defence” died affected by the wounds he sustained in an attack by a Turkish drone on a military vehicle and an ambulance vehicle that was heading to the site of attack, in an area between Tamim and Omaiyah Villages in Tel Hamees countryside southern of Al-Hasakah.

Accordingly, SOHR activists have documented the death of four people and the injury of 11 civilians including two women and several children

Since early 2024, the Syrian Observatory has reported 77 airstrikes carried out by Turkish drones on different positions in areas controlled by Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria (AANES). These attacks killed 24 persons and injured over 21 combatants and 16 civilians, including three women and three children.
The fatalities are distributed as follows:
* 20 members of military formations operating in SDF-controlled areas.
* Three regime soldiers.
* One civilian.
Here is a regional distribution of Turkish airstrikes on SDF-held areas in 2024:
* Al-Hasakah: 59 airstrikes left three regime soldiers, 15 combatants and one civilian dead.
* Al-Raqqah: Four airstrikes left three combatants dead.
* Aleppo: 14 airstrikes left two combatants dead.