The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Increasing discontent against Turkish forces | Unidentified people attack Turkish checkpoint with two grenades in Idlib

Idlib province: Unidentified gunmen threw two hand grenades on a Turkish checkpoint in Balion area in Al-Zawiyah Mountain southern of Idlib. However, no casualties were reported.

Members of the checkpoint mobilized in search for the gunmen.

Earlier today, dozens went out in Al-Bab City within “Euphrates Shield” areas in Aleppo countryside, rejecting attempts by Turkish forces and “National Army” to bring Russian delegation to the region.

The popular protests rejecting the entry of a Russian delegation into the “Euphrates Shield” which is controlled by Turkish forces and their proxies in northern Aleppo countryside continue for the second consecutive day.
In this context, Azaz city in northern Aleppo countryside has witnessed a public demonstration, where people went out in a protest, confirming the principles of the Syrian Revolution, refusing normalizing relations with the regime and reconciliation with it, demanding holding Bashar Al-Assad accountable in an International court and the expulsion of Russian forces from the country.