The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

confirming continuation of their peaceful movement | Dozens demonstrate in Al-Karamah Square in centre of Al-Suwaidaa

Al-Suwaidaa province: Peaceful protests against the regime and its government continue in Al-Suwaidaa city, demanding freedom, the toppling of the regime, the implementation of International Resolution 2254, the release of detainees and many other demands. Today, dozens of residents gathered in Al-Karamah Square in the centre of the city, chanting slogans against the regime, and confirming the continuation of the peaceful movement for more than 300 days until all demands are met. The demonstrators also lifted placards with slogans denouncing the regime and its government.
On June 10, Dozens of people from Al-Suwaidaa city participated in a protest in Al-Sir square in Al-Suwaidaa city centre, demanding freedom and the political transition of power and condemning the parliamentary elections. The protesters held banners with slogans written on them that read: “the parliament is the official spokesperson for the Assad gang not the people,” “ unite, rise up, my grandchildren,” “ a political transition led by Syrians.”