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After having accomplished tour in Al-Mayadeen | Military official in Iranian-backed militias meets with military commanders in Al-Bokamal

Deir Ezzor province: The official responsible for military operations in Iranian-backed militias, “Haj Amin,” visited Al-Bokamal city today, after having his tour in Al-Mayadeen yesterday.


In Al-Bokamal, “Haj Amin” met with commanders of Iranian-backed militias, including Haj Askar, Haj Mas’oud, Haj Karbalaa and Abu Issa Al-Hamaan the leader of the 47th Regiment which is affiliated to Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.


During the meeting, the commanders discussed the field situation in the region in light of the escalating attacks by ISIS in Al-Bokamal desert.


Commanders of Iranian-backed militias operating in Al-Bokamal asked for bringing military reinforcement and militiamen to cover the shortage in the ranks of Iranian-backed militias in that region.


The meeting coincided with the entry of seven trucks carrying ammunitions from Al-Qa’em crossing into Al-Bokamal, where the trucks’ cargos were unloaded in recently-established headquarters in residential area in Al-Herri town near the Syria-Iraq border.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that three military trucks loaded with weapons, accompanied by two civilian cars, entered Al-Qaim-Al-Bokamal border crossing, coming from Iraqi territory and headed to Al-Mayadeen city, east of Deir Ezzor, to unload their cargo at the headquarters of “Fatimiyoun” militia near Al-Balloum area.