The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Three cases in 24 hours | Three civilians commit suicide in different areas across Syria

SOHR activists have documented three suicide cases in different zones of influence throughout Syria since morning.


Here are further details on those cases:


  • A young lady from the HTS-controlled city of Jarjanaz in Idlib countryside consumed “rice tablets” (tablets of Aluminum Phosphide which is readily available as a fumigant for stored cereal grains), as she suffered from psychological stress.


  • A young man jumped under a truck near Sinalco roundabout in SDF-controlled areas in Al-Hasakah city.


  • A 40-year-old man hanged himself to death using a rope in his house in the eastern neighbourhood in the regime-controlled city of Sallamiyah in Hama province.


This coincides with the escalating cases of suicide in all zones of influence throughout Syria in light of the dreadful living conditions, psychological stress and deteriorating social situation and economic hardship.


On June 11, SOHR sources reported that a civilian in his fifties committed suicide by hanging himself to death due to accumulated debts in Al-Qamishly city in northern Al-Hasakah countryside.


Similarly, a young man hanged himself to death with a rope in Al-Laylah neighborhood in Al-Hasakah city. Meanwhile, sources suggested that the reason behind the suicide of the young man was manifested in psychological pressures and deteriorating living conditions, while investigations are still ongoing to reveal the circumstances of the incident. It is worth noting that the young man was married and had two children.