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Attempted to regain subsidization granted via smart card | “Filasteen” branch in Damascus arrests young man from northern Homs

“Filasteen” branch arrested a civilian from Al-Saa’n city in the northern countryside of Homs three days ago, while he was attempting to obtain documents proving that he has not left Syria, so that he could regain subsidization granted on food supplies, bread and gas cylinders via smart cards.


The young man’s family told SOHR activists that the arrest of their son came after the man visited the headquarters of “Takamol” company in Homs for several times in order to correct a mistake related to personal information about his residence outside Syria, where this condition prevents the owners of smart cards and their family from subsidization provided by regime government.


One of the arrested man’s relatives told SOHR activists that employees in the service centre of “Takamol” company informed the young man to check the office of immigrations and passports in order to obtain a movement statement, so that he would solve the problem and regain subsidization. However, employees in the office of immigrations and passports informed the man to check “Filasteen” branch in Damascus under the pretext that the branch is the authority responsible for the external affairs of both Syrians and foreigners.


When the man headed to “Filasteen” branch in Damascus (Branch 231), all communication with him were lost, and his family have not been informed the reasons behind his arrest so far.


It is worth noting that the young man is exempt from mandatory conscription because his health situation and that he could travel freely between Syrian provinces, as he is not wanted under any lawsuits or security requests, according to his relatives.


The man’s relatives were shocked when they were informed of the arrest of their son, where his wife fainted and his health deteriorated and she was taken to the hospital. His father said that “we sought to gain bread, food and a gas cylinder for a subsidized price, but we lost one of our children in regime prisons instead.”