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Ongoing violations | Members of military police beat and verbally abuse civilian in “Euphrates Shield” area

Aleppo province: Members of the military police brutally beat a civilian in Ikhtarin town in the northern countryside of Aleppo, opened fire on his house and verbally abused him, as well as beating his son, when he attempted to defend his father and keep the members of military police away from him.


This came after the civilian circulated an audio track in which he complained of the rejection of his relatives, who are members of the military police, to allow him to sell his land, exploiting their influence. The man explained that he filed a complaint against the military police members at the courthouse in Al-Ra’I and the headquarters of the “National Army.” However, no authorities have taken any actions to protect the civilian.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that members of a patrol of the Military Police arrested a civilian from Jakla Village in Shaikh Al-Hadid district in Afrin countryside for “dealing with the former Autonomous Administration”, after returning to his birthplace from Lebanon, to obtain ransoms from him.


Moreover, a patrol of the Ninth Division arrested a civilian from Mousako Village in Rajo district in Afrin countryside days after returning to his birthplace along with his family from displacement areas in northern Aleppo countryside for “dealing with the former Autonomous Administration.”