The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ongoing preparations for executing the first steps of ceasefire agreement in al- Zabadani, al- Fu’ah and Kefrayya


Preparations in the city of aal- Zabadani as well as in the two towns of al- Fu’ah anf Kefrayya are ongoing, where the fighters and the wounded with their families is going to be transported from al- Zabadani city to the province of Idlib, while 10000 of children and women from the two towns of Kefrayya and al- Fu’ah as well as some critical injuries are going to get out of the two towns  within the agreement held under the Iranian – Turkish auspices and guaranteed by the United Nations about the city of al- Zabadani in Rif Dimashq and the two towns of al- Fu’ah and Kefrayya inhabited by Shiites. SOHR publishes yesterday that a UN car transported 2 injuries in critical situation from the city of al- Zabadani to Lebanon after the agreement with Hezbollah and the regime forces, where it was scheduled to take the two injuries with the other wounded on Monday but they were transported because of their critical situation, information reported that a father of one of the two injuries joined him to Lebanon.