The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Forcibly deported from Lebanon | Sources close to regime dissident officer confirms handing him over to regime authorities

SOHR holds Lebanese authorities responsible for the safety and live of the deported Syrian officer

Sources close to the regime dissident captain “Abdullah Abdelsalam Al-Zahouri,” who was arrested by the Lebanese army intelligence service on May 27, have confirmed that the Lebanese authorities handed him oveer to the Syrian regime on June 11, and that his fate remains unknown.


The Syrian Observatory demand the Lebanese authorities disclose the fate of the officer.


Earlier today, SOHR sources reported that Lebanese Army Intelligence, “Ablah Branch”, arrested an officer who defected from the regime forces with the rank of “Captain”, from his place of residence in Al-Malaab camp in the Lebanese Arsal area, without receiving information about the reason for his arrest, while his fate remains unknown until this moment, despite his arrest on the 27th of May, which means 17 days after his arrest, amid severe fears for his life after information arrived indicating that “Ablah Branch” of Lebanese Army Intelligence had handed him over to the regime’s security services.


Deportations against Syrian refugees in Lebanon continue in light of the ongoing racist campaigns and grave violations being instigated by some Lebanese politicians, without taking into account their severe fear of returning and their objection to their deportation towards regime-held areas.


On May 14, two convoys of 310 Syrian refugees launched at dawn today from Lebanon towards Syrian territory under the name of “voluntary return”, which was organized by the Lebanese General Security in coordination with the security services of the regime, where Syrian refugees gathered at Wadi Hamid crossing in the Lebanese Arsal, to launch with the first convoy that included 300 Syrian refugees towards Al-Qalamoun villages, while the second convoy, which includes ten Syrian refugees, launched from Jose crossing in Al-Qaa towards Homs.