The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ongoing uprising | Tens of women stage sit-in protest against “Al-Julani” in Idlib city

Tens of women gathered in front of the military court building of HTS in Idlib city, demanding the release of their sons, husbands and relatives detained in HTS prisons, to celebrate Eid Al-Adha with their families.


On June 10, SOHR sources reported that tens of women staged a sit-in protest against the leader of HTS “Al-Julani” in Al-Sa’aah Square in Idlib city centre, demanding the release of detainees in HTS prisons. This coincided with touring a military convoy of several vehicles in the city’s streets and setting up several makeshift checkpoints on Idlib- Bab Al-Hawa highway.


HTS-held areas have witnessed widespread popular demonstrations for more than four months, where protesters demand the overthrow of Al-Julani, the dissolution of the General Security Service of HTS, the release of detainees, the independence of the judiciary and civil institutions, the lifting of the security grip and the improvement of living conditions.