The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Military escalation | Regime ground forces shell four villages in Aleppo and Hama

Regime forces fired heavy artillery shells on Al-Qahera and Al-Ankawy Villages in Hama countryside, and fired mortar shells on Kafr Ta’al and Kafr Amma Villages in Aleppo countryside. However, no casualties were reported.

A few hours ago, the General Administration of the army and the “regime forces” sent a telegram, which was obtained by SOHR, to the administration of Al-Tabaka Military Airport in Al-Raqqa countryside and Sarin Airport in Aleppo countryside, to transport a batch of missiles (But and Tochka) to positions of the regime forces in Idlib in “Putin-Erdogan” area opposite to areas of HTS.

OTR-21 Tochka is a Russian-made medium-range ballistic missile with large destruction power, and weighs 2,000 kilograms with a warhead weighing 482 kilograms, used by the regime forces to shell civilian positions and areas.