The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

A month after having returned back from Lebanon | Civilian shot dead by unidentified gunmen in western Daraa countryside

Daraa province: A civilian from Nawa city in western Daraa countryside was shot dead by unidentified gunmen, before they fled to an unknown destination, while the identities of the killers and reasons behind the crime remain unknown.


It is worth noting that the victim did not belong to any military or local parties and he had travelled to Lebanon in 2013, where he turned back to Nawa city a month ago.


This comes in light of ongoing security chaos in regime-held areas.


Daraa province is experiencing security chaos due to the presence of several armed factions, while regime forces having only nominal control.


The Syrian Observatory has documented 158 murders in regime-controlled areas since early 2024, where domestic violence and armed robberies were behind some of these murders, while motives behind the others remained unknown. These murder crimes left 171 fatalities: seven children, 28 women and 136 young and adult men. The fatalities are distributed regionally as follows:


  • Daraa: 50 murder crimes left 43 men, three children and ten women dead.


  • Al-Suwaidaa: 14 murder crimes left 11 men a little boy and three women dead.


  • Rif Dimashq: 33 murder crimes left 29 men, two children and seven women dead.


  • Homs: 17 murder crimes left 15 men, a woman and a little girl dead.


  • Hama: Nine murder crimes left Nine men dead.


  • Al-Hasakah: Two murder crimes left two men dead.


  • Deir Ezzor: Eight murder crimes left seven men and a woman dead.


  • Damascus: Six murder crimes left two women and four men dead.


  • Latakia: Five murder crimes left five men and a woman dead.


  • Tartous: Eight murder crimes left seven men and a woman dead.


  • Al-Qunaitrah: One murder crime left a man dead.


  • Aleppo: Five murder crimes left two women and three men dead.