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Afrin | Members of Turkish-backed “National Army” assault a man and his wife

Aleppo province: A person fought with members of the “National Army” at Al-Basouta checkpoint in Afrin countryside, where members of the checkpoint assaulted and beat the man and his wife and insulted them before expelling them from the area of the checkpoint.

On the same context, gunmen of Al-Muwaly Tribe, to which the man and his wife belong, mobilized and headed towards Al-Basouta Tribe to hold the members of the checkpoint responsible.

On June 13, SOHR sources reported that violent clashes erupted between members of “ Jish Al-Nukhbah” which operates under the banner of the “National Army” and gunmen form “Al-Mawali” tribe near “Nabi Huri Castle” in Sharan district in Afrin countryside in northern Aleppo countryside.

The clashes left two members of “Jish Al-Nukhbah” and several civilians including a woman and two children injured.