The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Forming 3 metre-deep hole | Object of w*a*r remnants expl*odes leaving four children kil*led in Hama

Hama province: Four children died affected by the wounds they sustained in the explosion of an object of war remnants in Souran Town in Hama countryside.

A large explosion took place in agricultural lands in Souran Town in northern Hama countryside, due to the explosion of an object of war remnants, causing the injury of four children amid information that some people were killed, while a hole of three metres depth and a 12 diameter was created.

Accordingly, SOHR has documented the death of 113 civilians, including 21 women and 38 children, due to explosions of old landmines, unexploded shells and bombs across Syria since early 2024. In addition, 126 civilians, including 13 women and 64 children, sustained various injuries.

The casualties are distributed regionally as follows:

Regime-controlled areas: 95 fatalities, including 21 women and 23 children, and 88 injured civilians, including 12 women and 34 children. Among this toll, 49 truffle pickers, including a child and 19 women, were killed and 28 others, including nine women, were injured.

SDF-held areas: 15 fatalities, including 13 children, and 28 injured civilians, including a woman and 22 children.

HTS-held areas: Two fatalities, a child and a man , and eight injured children.

Areas where Kurdish and regime forces are deployed: A young man was injured.

“Euphrates Shield” area: A civilian was killed.

Among the total death toll, the Syrian Observatory documented the death of 68 civilians, including 12 children and 19 women, and the injury of 55 others, including ten women and 23 children, due to the explosions of landmines planted previously by ISIS, all in regime-controlled areas.