The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Under public pressure | Military Intelligence Department in Hama releases a young man in Homs countryside

Members of the Military Intelligence Department in Al-Rustoun City arrested a civilian from Talbisah City in northern Homs countryside, while he was heading towards Homs City.

Talbisah City witnessed gathering of dozens of residents near highway between Homs and Hama, where car tires were burnt near the Military Security Department at the main entrance of the city.

Residents of the city demanded the security services to move fast in coordination with dignitaries of the city to release the 46 year-old man Abd Al-Hamid Al-Jaber to prevent any security escalation in the city.

According to local sources affiliated with the family of the arrested person, Al-Sheikh Zakaria Al-Daqqa, who is close to heads of the security branches, headed towards Hama City as the arrested man was taken to the main branch in coordination with the head of the Military Security Branch in Homs (Mohammed Suleiman Qina), where he talked about the necessity of releasing the man and hand him over to Al-Daqqa to prevent the public pressure in Talbisah City.

SOHR activists in Homs City confirmed that the man arrived to the city after he was released following the pressure, amid extensive shooting at the moment he arrived to the city.